RDS prepares its customers on the launch podium for the Anuga Taste Innovation Show

Also this year RDS Food stands out at Anuga for its great experience in the sector and for the prestigious partnerships it manages to create. Thanks to its commercial management, in fact, the young partner of RDS Food, Delizie Natura, wins the well-known prize of the Anuga Taste Innovation Show as the best innovative product.


The stars of the award : the sausages grilled on wood embers and ready to be enjoyed in a few minutes. The ability of RDS Food to anticipate market trends and discover the potential of small companies has allowed Delizie Natura to have access to the invaluable know-how resulting from RDS’s decades of experience and to therefore develop a product that perfectly meets the needs of the market and of today’s customer, increasingly attentive to quality, freshness and the constant search for a tantalizing product, ready for consumption and with a moderate intake of calories.


Thanks to the development of a commercial strategy, a marketing plan worthy of a large company and the continuous search for excellence, RDS Food has accompanied and supported Delizie Natura, thus accelerating its development and guaranteeing its success.

This is why the prestigious Anuga Taste Innovation Show held in Cologne from 9 to 13 October wanted to reward this partnership that celebrates the synergy between expert and specialized management and an innovative product, one of a kind and that does not fear competitors.

Delizie Natura today is a company in continuous growth, proof of the fact that today we no longer compete individually, to achieve success we team up, create networks, build relationships of trust and build key relationships.

This is the vision of RDS Food, a world where companies collaborate, become partners and grow together.